Project Longsword: A History of Elrid (no. 2)

The History of Elrid

In the years before the Trinity Event, no set dating existed. However, analysis of legends and stories from the time have given us a rough order of events.

Pt. 1.

The Trinity War

The Death of Tyrre:

In ages past, the world was peaceful. The Humans, Dragons, Giants, and Elves watched over the land of the gods and kept them safe, while the gods in turn watched over them. However, the dragons soon became jealous of the gods. They believed that, as the firstborn mortals, it was their birthright to be able to shape the world as the gods. They knew that once this plan was set in motion, however, the other races would turn on them. So they developed a plan. First they had to seek counsel with Tyrre. This was a relatively easy task as she was kind and loved to help her creation. The Dragon Lords--the firstborn spawn of Nethzen and Fuan--went to her under the guise of a drought, and used an unspeakable and unknown dark power to steal her life force. Crippled, Tyrre fled somewhere beyond the realm of time and space. Then the Dragon Lords, now more powerful than ever, took control of their new, and very dark, world.

The Thousand Years of Darkness:

With the power of Tyrre in their possession, no one could stop the Dragons. All had to bow to them or else be destroyed. In contrast, Tyrre had happily shared her power, and thus lit the world for all to thrive; but the Dragon Lords kept Tyrre’s power for themselves, and happily plunged the world into eternal night. Now, because the Giants lived where the light could barely reach---in the far North---they were the only species to thrive in this new, dark world. During this period the Giants began bringing humans to heel as their slaves. However, everything began to die without the light, and so a small group of ambassadors was sent from the Elves to plead with the Dragons. They begged the Dragon Lords to light the world again, and were turned down. Thrice more they begged the Dragons to save their crops and forests, and thrice more the Dragons turned them down. Finally on the fifth attempt, the Dragon Lords made them a deal: if the elves would offer themselves as slaves, the Dragons would feed them and protect them. In their desperation the ambassadors accepted, and the Dragons subjugated the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

The Giant Wars:

While the Dragons ruled over most races, the Giants lived free. The Dragons, having just finished conquering the other races, decided that it must be their right to rule all races. Indeed, they began to wage war on the land of the giants. However, rather than fight each other, each race sent forth armies of the people they had conquered. The Dragons sent forth armies of Elves, whilst the Giants sent forth the many hordes of the Humans they had enslaved. Thus why Elves and Man have such a taste for war. The Dragons and Giants fought countless bitter wars up until the very end of the Thousand Years of Darkness. No one is exactly sure why the Giants could contend with the power of Tyrre, but nonetheless, the two races were seemingly evenly matched.

The Uprising:

In time, the Humans and Elves began to rebel against their captors, and instead allied themselves against the Dragons and Giants. When the Dragon Lords heard of this they began a mass extermination of the armies who refused to fight. However, for four Dragon families, this was too far. They saw no need for these deaths, and began to question the belief of total Draconic superiority that they had been taught their whole lives. They, along with a small group of humans and elves, established a small outpost on an island. From there, they staged a revolution against the dragons. For over a hundred years, the rebels gathered momentum in the war, learned the secrets of Tyrre’s power, and fought and killed countless Dragons.

The Trinity Event:

Eventually, the stage was set for a final move on the Dragons. Having gathered enough of Tyrre’s power, the leaders of the rebellion gathered at the peak of the island mountain to call the remaining gods from hiding. In total there were Four Dragons of noble Birth, one Human, and two Elves. Then, mimicking the unique signature of Tyrre’s power, they lured the gods to the mountain. This drew the remaining Dragon Lords, who naturally wanted the rest of the gods power, making them supreme beings across any land. At this pinnacle point, with gods and Dragons on all sides, the rebel leaders used an unknown magic to rip Tyrre’s power from the Dragon Lords, which scattered it across the land. Without the power they had relied so heavily upon, the Dragon Lords fled to the darkest corners of the world, and seemingly vanished from the pages of history. The gods, being inscrutable in their methods, also vanished, returning to their own realms, where they remain to this day. With this event, the Trinity War was won, and the first nations came into being; a new era had begun.

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