No. 1 - Whiskey 727 A.W: The War

By Jaylin Milis

Data Entry: Susan

I constantly find myself staring out of the window during work. Once upon a time it used to be for admiring the beauty in the day, but nowadays it seems a lot more depressing. The sun is overshadowed by the large storm clouds. The air in itself tastes stale and the birds are as scarce as ever. The people on the street keep their heads down with their faces in their jackets to keep from making eye contact from the Enforcers. On the edge of every block, there are at least two fully armored guys just watching people. I guess it’s to make sure the law is enforced, but that’s going a little far in my opinion. I spot a little boy walking to what looks to be his dad.

They seem to be having a peaceful conversation, but out of the corner of my eye, I spot one of the Enforcer’s drones veering near the two guys. Once they notice, they attempt to haul ass in two different directions. It happened so fast, but they didn’t get far before getting tackled by the two Enforcers on the corner. I hope they’re alright.

“There’s something different about you today… I just can’t put my finger on it,” Henry says as he dances around my cubicle, snapping me out of my people watching. “Maybe you just seem to be brooding a lot more than usual.”

“I’m not brooding. I just people watch ya know?” I chuckled, pushing him away from me. “I promise you that everything is fine. I just have a lot on my mind or did you somehow forget?”

“Forget what?” he asked, chewing on the end of his blood red pen. God I wish he knew how adorable he was. Or maybe he already knows. I mean he’s the most popular one in the office. He does everything from bring in food for everyone to taking on other people’s work. Not to mention how attractive he is. I could grind diamonds on those abs. Not to mention that razor-sharp jawline. It just compliments those moody grey eyes of his. Thinking about him just makes me so dizzy. I could stare at him all day, but that doesn’t excuse him forgetting the most important day in my life.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you forgot.” I snarl before getting up and arranging my papers into my briefcase. “Today is the presentation for Solution X. This world has gone to complete crap since the Insurgency last month and this could help.” Our nation can’t seem to get anything right. 2 years ago, the world was faced with a desperate ultimatum; Figure out a way to fix the Earth or we all die. The leaders of the world decided to meet up and “attempt” to come to an agreement on how they would help save the world.

Their joint intentions however, were short lived due to their difference in ideals and the massive size of their own egos. Blame was thrown all over the place and of course nothing got done. The alliance that the world had was destroyed and all hope seemed to be lost. This became known as the Insurgency or more accurately Doomsday.

“Way to kill the mood Sue,” He frowned. “I didn’t forget about the presentation. It might be our only way to survive the end of the world. I mean just think that in merely a couple of hours, you’ll show the U.S Ambassador the work that we all put in.”

“I think you’re being too modest. I’m just here to represent. The workers behind this project must be held secret.” I stood up, grabbed my briefcase, and started towards the elevator. “If I don’t go, I’ll be late.”

“I’ll walk you out...” With Henry being so close to me, I couldn’t help get a little concerned. He never walked me out unless he was worried about me. Thinking about it now, this is a really big risk. In the wrong hands, this project could just doom us all a lot faster. This pitch needs to be absolutely perfect. I guess he saw the nervousness on my face because he threw his arm around me and buried his face on my shoulder. The heavenly smell of lavender and aftershave filled my nose and calmed whatever nerves I seemed to have.

“You know… you don’t HAVE to go,” Henry whines, looking at me with those big grey puppy dog eyes.

“We can find someone else… you don’t have to risk it. Maybe you came down with the flu. With how crappy the weather has been, is it really hard to believe?”

I peel him off of me and give him a kiss on the cheek. “You know it’s way too late for that. Besides, I’m not taking it with me. Just going to pitch Solution X and hopefully all goes well.” Right on cue the elevator opens. I wave goodbye to him and blindly go to walk in, but I collide and get practically run over by a hefty object in the elevator. Henry rushed to my side as I hit the ground hard and when I looked up, I saw a mountain of a man. His aura and his long black beard screamed intimidation. His eyes showed a cold icy glare that could cut through metal.

“Sorry about that little lady,” the man says as he extends a hand to me. I reluctantly take his hand and when I get to my feet, he continues.

“My name is General Luci. I’m with the United States military. Have any of you folks seen a Ms. Lewis?”

Henry and I exchange conversing looks at each other. Do you know this guy? No? Do you? No. In any fashion, you are too important to expose. So we’re lying then? Follow my lead. Henry gives General Luci a puzzled face. “Ms. Lewis? There’s no one here that I know of with that name. Maybe you should check with Megan down in accounting. She might know more.”

Sensing the hint, I latch on Henry’s arm. “If you want we can show you down? We were just on our way out. It’s date night.”

“Really? Well that’s too bad.” Suddenly the windows around us were kicked in and the sound of boots filled the floor. Armored men had broken through and were making a beeline for Henry and I. Looking around, there had to be about 10 or 15 of them. The soldiers took their guns and pointed their red sights straight on us. General Luci took a couple steps forward and closed the gap between himself ,and I.

“You see little girl,” he snarls. “If there is one thing that I hate, it’s a bunch of liars.” He briefly looks up at one of the soldiers and nods. The instant he does, I hear a sharp cry and a thud. Turning to my side, I see Henry passed out on the floor.

“W-Who are you,” I whimper. General Luci gets real close to my face, his breath smelling of cigars and tic tacs. “No one of consequence.” Before I could say anything, I felt a hard, blunt strike on the back of my neck and all I see is black.

To be continued.
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