Odyssey Original Series

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Project Longsword

by Kyle Scarberry, Aidan Weber, and Daniel Merklinger. 

Journey to into a world of fantasy to learn about the intricate plot to control the throne in this bi-weekly installment. 


by Jaylin Milis

Before the Supreme Leader, You will Listen

In a society burned to the ground, there’s no one you can trust. WIth every movement watched,
there is no place that is safe. Security runs rampant with every step and the witch hunt on
certain “special” people makes the former silence of the streets filled with deafening sounds of bullets. Ever since the Insurgence, life has been one big maximum prison.

Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis had always wanted more out of life besides a boring desk job, but when she
accepted a messenger job for a secret project, she had no idea what trouble she was getting
herself into. When a questionable military organization kidnaps her and her beloved, it’s up to her to get to the bottom of their intentions and protect the secrets of the assets she was so
sworn to protect.

Devon Reiner

Devon Reiner is your average highschool kid just trying to keep his head down. The best thinghe wants to happen in his life is to be safe with his mom and finally have somewhat of a social life, but when an accident levels half of a city, he quickly becomes a criminal. With unanswered questions and an overlord out to kill him, must find out the truth of what really has
become to his beloved city and to his family.


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