Odyssey Podcast Radio Launches

Odyssey Magazine has launched our official podcast radio channel, located on Anchor.fm.

Up first, check out an all-student production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth, best described as a radio drama. Join Macbeth as he discovers his future as King of Scotland in the first episode, Foretellings. New episodes are released every two weeks!

The cast of Macbeth, Episode 1

Macbeth Jacob Bryant

Lady Macbeth Shelby Simmons

King Duncan Prestone Dalphond

Banquo Tomas Valencia

Ross Tomas Valencia & Prestone Dalphond

Lennox Tomas Valencia

Malcolm Tomas Valencia

Witch 1 McKenna Beardslee

Witch 2 Avry Fontanez

Witch 3 Tomas Valencia

Sergeant Jaylin Milis

Narrator Jada Carlock

Full episode available October 6, 2020!

Want to join the podcast? We are always looking for writers, voice actors, and technical crew! To learn more about how you can get involved, email us at Odyssey@student.lssc.edu

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