A Final Symphony - Poem

A Final Symphony

A symphony of rage falls on deaf ears,

Harmonies descend upon sympathy,

Swallows him whole and unleashes new fears,

Thunder of virtuoso clarity,

Vicious arpeggios crash through the air,

Is it not beautiful? Strike empathy,

Lucid visions of a profound despair,

Exiled to the verge of desperation,

Reduced to this miserable affair,

The conviction of lasting affliction,

A genius rendered cruelly defective,

Compositions flow from inspiration,

Seizing Fate by the throat, with motive,

A resolution of True art saved him,

A strike of fire unleashed his heart alive,

Taking a new way, virtue on a whim,

Characterized as a great romantic,

A release of passion overtook him,

Intellectual leads to dramatic,

Difficult gives breath to Intensity,

Its beauty becomes expressionistic,

From deaf ears tempos beat furiously,

To strike up a more joyous melody,

A bright inner spark of Divinity,

Taking a final bow most humbly,

Applaud, for the comedy is now over,

Lightning strikes and he is now legacy,

Art must come from the heart—burning desire,

Art must speak to the heart—rousing vigor.

Jeff Paradee Jr., is a poet, a writer, and an artist. He is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a student at Lake-Sumter State College. He is a recent winner of the Odyssey Magazine Art & Literary Contest, taking 2nd place for painting. Jeff also appeared last September as one of the first TEDxLSSC speakers and his talk on disability technology has been exceptionally well received by members of the community.

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