Two Birds - Poem

Two Birds

Two birds in separate picturesque twilight, One taking flight on the winds of time and space, The other gazes upon the waves of discontent, Each with an opposing paradigm they embrace, Two choices present themselves, Cross an ocean of fate or watch the waves decay, The bird that flies toward the horizon is free, Free to go where it pleases with ease, Not a care or woe in the world on wings of wistful bliss, It flies upwards still rising up into ascension with finesse, As the tips of its outward reached wings touch the edge of the sun, It lets out a trill of pure existential jubilation, This is what it’s like with no boundaries or limitations, Free from life’s external complications,

Whereas the forever watch tower bird bound by its mind, Wishing it was far from its pillar above the waves, It overthinks the question of do I stay or do I fly, Is the watchful bird afraid of change or just content in its ways? Has it lost its way? Either way every day it watches the horizon, Intently imagining what’s it like to touch the sun,

There are always two ways, The bird who reaches up to touch the sky Or the bird who wishes to touch the sky,

Jeff Paradee Jr., is a poet, a writer, and an artist. He is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a student at Lake-Sumter State College. He is a recent winner of the Odyssey Magazine Art & Literary Contest, taking 2nd place for painting. Jeff also appeared last September as one of the first TEDxLSSC speakers and his talk on disability technology has been exceptionally well received by members of the community.

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