Forever Dreaming - Poem

Forever Dreaming

I’m summer dreaming in a December winter,

As music fills my mind and soul,

I find myself seduced by a siren’s voice that consumes me whole,

I’m only dreaming of her, lost in reverie,

A thousand mantic truths emanate from her mouth,

With just a kiss on those lips I would be forever free,

Free from this winter solstice,

Free from forever dreaming,

Dreaming of our souls spiraling out of our bodies and up into the sky,

Weaved into a beacon of light shining brightly across the universe,

A lodestar of a lovers traverse,

A blinding light of binding unity,

Just you and me together,

Drifting among the stars,

Interconnected as one,

A love found only among the synapses of my imagination,

For I am just a dreamer,

Content in his ways,

I believe in an untold love,

Even though I’ve grown wiser,

I sail forever on an ocean of weary dreams,

Floating on wings of wax, all will soon come to pass,

For I’m summer dreaming in a December winter.

Jeff Paradee Jr., is a poet, a writer, and an artist. He is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a student at Lake-Sumter State College. He is a recent winner of the Odyssey Magazine Art & Literary Contest, taking 2nd place for painting. Jeff also appeared last September as one of the first TEDxLSSC speakers and his talk on disability technology has been exceptionally well received by members of the community.

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