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3 Dumbasses in a Closet - Odyssey Podcast Sample
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3 Dumbasses in a Closet

Three Dumbasses in a Closet (and Tom), is a concept conceived by overzealous Odyssey employees and an advisor who was courageous enough to give them free rein. Avry, Celia, Jacob, and Tom are four theatre geeks who possess no more knowledge than the casual listener whom, by some miracle, stumbles across this podcast. If you choose to join us on this excellent adventure you should expect the following: witty banter, crazy stories, bad puns, heated arguments, and so much more. Plus, on the bright side, if you grow exhausted from hearing us ramble on, we will have occasional guests to break the monotony. Please tune in to hear four people who are no different from you and will do their best to make every episode worth your time.


Episode descriptions

  1. “Flat as a Pancake”: Join us as we discuss the validity and absurdity of some of the claims made by the Flat Earth Society and its supporters.

  2. “Shakespeare: fact or fib?”: Listen as we debate the age old question that has historians taking advice from witches; was William Shakespeare a real person?

  3. “Just like Yesterday”: The crew reminisces about what gives them the warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.