Art & Literary Contest

The 2019 Contest has officially closed. Submissions for the contest will reopen in August 2020.
What is it?

Every year since 1984 the magazine has sponsored an Art & Literary contest to showcase the work of Lake-Sumter State College's student population. The contest is open to any currently enrolled LSSC student. 

The Art & Literary Contest opens every year for submissions from April 1st - October 31st. Submissions received before that time will be considered for online publication only. 

What are the rules?
  • All content must be an original work of the creator. Reprints, republications or previous publications are not accepted and must be declared due to copyright law. Reproductions of intellectual property in which another person or entity holds the copyright, regardless of medium, will not be published due to copyright restrictions. 

  • All submissions must be from currently enrolled students. Faculty, staff and alumni are not eligible for the Odyssey Magazine of the Arts competition. 

  • Previous submissions to the magazine are not accepted. 

  • All submissions must be turned in by 11:59pm on October 31, 2019 to be eligible for the contest. 

  • You are allowed to submit up to three (3) items per category. No more than 3 submissions in a single category will be accepted.

  • You may enter multiple categories at the same time.

  • A completed and signed contest entry form must be submitted for each item. If you have 3 items, you must provide three form submissions. Items without proper documentation will be disqualified.​​

For more information, please see the submission guidelines page

What are the Official Categories?


  • Short Fiction (2500 words or less)

  • Non-Fiction (2500 words or less)

  • Poetry (1,000 words or less - poem cycles accepted)


  • Sculpture (any medium)

  • Drawings (11" x 17" or smaller)

  • Digital Art (any size)

  • Paintings (4' x 6' or smaller)

  • Photography (Color and Black & White - counted seperately)

*The Magazine reserves the right to cancel a category due to lack of submissions