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noun | od-ys-sey 

  1.  :  a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

  2.  :  an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest


2017 - 1st Place - Best Staff Page (FCSPA)
2017 - 2nd Place - Best Poem - Chelsey Hampton (FCSPA)
2017 - 3rd Place - Best Cover Design (FCSPA)

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Odyssey Magazine of the Arts is an annual publication of Lake-Sumter State College and has been produced since 1988 in a stand alone version. It seeks to publish the works of unpublished authors, artists and photographers in an effort to engage the college community in artistic expression.

The magazine is run by a faculty advisor, a staff of scholarship students, and student volunteers whose interests run from business management to graphic design to internet technology. 

The magazine sponsors an annual art and literary contest for the students of Lake-Sumter State College that culminates in an art gallery exhibition held across all three campuses from April - May. All submissions to the magazine, whether online or print, are eligible for the contest. To submit, please see the Submission Guidelines page for more information. 

Meet the Staff 2019-2020

Avry Fontanez
Art Director

Jacob Bryant
Publications Director

Thomas Valencia

Podcast Producer

Jaylin Milis
Podcast Producer

Jesse Dickens

Kelise Nettles
Editorial Staff

Shelby Simmons

Editorial Staff

Kevin Arms

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